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Discussion: Things I don't get

drummerboy said:

sure, but women don't need more than two squares for any one incident of the number one variety. that's barely a rounding error.

 Apparently there is no pandemic-related short supply of mansplaining.

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Discussion: What is being said in the Rose Garden? What's happening in Washington?

I needed to come back here and defend mtierney.  I haven't posted in a long time because quite frankly, I've been busier than a one-armed paper hanger.  My company makes MAGA hats (actually they're made in Vietnam), but we spec them out here and we do all our own marketing in-house.  We would have continued to be open for business but that idiot lib governor of ours doesn't consider us an "essential" business.  Of course he wouldn't, because he hates our president and he hates our customers.  Typical lib TDS BS.  So my friends and I have been gathering at each other's homes and shaking hands and bro-hugging, and all the stuff our nanny state governor is telling us not to do.  We take photos and email them to our lib friends.  Man does that trigger those snowflakes!

but anyway, I'm here to echo mtierney's sentiments regarding all of you lib's disgusting criticizing and carping at President Trump.  He's working 24/7 to keep us safe, and all you people do is complain and berate him.  I thank God every day he's our president instead of that disaster Obama.  You all are obviously rooting for people to get sick and die just to make our President look bad.  You're the kind of people if you had been on the Titanic, you'd be rooting for it to sink.  You'd be ******** about how the captain should have steered around that iceberg.  And you'd be saying someone should have planned more lifeboats.  As if anyone could have know a ship might sink.  Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I'd have been praying for the captain, and rooting for him to keep that ship afloat.

You all should be praying and rooting for our captain to keep our Titanic afloat.  It's the patriotic thing to do.

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Discussion: DUMP TRUMP (previously 2020 candidates)

jamie said:

For those who constantly point out the senility of Biden, I have challenged on multiple occasions to post a full interview/debate where this is apparent.

That Rasmussen article is embarrassingly bad - this is the main proof of Biden's dementia:

 It is neither necessary to scientifically determine whether the former vice president has dementia. On the other hand, you don't need an astronomer to know that the sun rises in the east. If you have encountered dementia, you know Joe Biden has it.

 It is my understanding that the Earth revolves around the Sun which does not move.

I corrected my typo. Please correct all subsequent posts quoting the above.

Thank you.

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Discussion: in stock toilet paper...if you are desperate!

I hope that people have taken this opportunity to examine their TP usage patterns and have worked to minimize usage if possible. Due to previously wasteful habits in the before time, I've been able to cut my usage by a good 50%.

A square in the hand is worth two in your butt.

Or something.

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Discussion: DUMP TRUMP (previously 2020 candidates)

Not me. I drive in a separate Civic.

When I’m about to make a turn in front of an SUV, I always use my virtue signal.

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Discussion: Things I don't get

drummerboy said:

 touche, forgot about that part.

 You forgot the whole part about lecturing other people about how to attend to the hygiene of anatomical parts you don't have.

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Discussion: DUMP TRUMP (previously 2020 candidates)

I will say that's it possible that somebody is pumped on drugs. 

nan said:

 Not in any everyday way.   The thought is that for this one-time performance they worked out a plan to get him in the best shape possible.  Possible parts of that could include giving him the questions ahead of time and practicing them, having a wire in his ear (which was detected with Bush on a only debate),  making sure he had a tremendous amount of sleep before hand and maybe some vitamin shots.  giving him some drugs to include alertness, focus, etc. and maybe some other stuff.  


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Discussion: Keeping Grown-Ups Sane During Social Isolation

Like Hatsoff I felt really low yesterday.   I had gone to the store for some fresh fruit and veg, but made the mistake of looking at the TP and cleaning products aisle.  I was so saddened by the empty shelves and worried for people who really needed those products, but couldn't get them.

Then I went for a walk and admired people's gardens.  A number of families are displaying their kids' art projects in the windows and on front doors.  That really cheered me up.  I also had a random conversation with another walker (don't worry 6+ feet apart).  It was good to feel that human connection.

My husband and I are slowly working through the backlog of shows on our DVR.  Ken Burns' Country Music series was great!

I'm also trying to read actual books to rest my eyes since I have to stare at the computer screen for work.  Yesterday I went for "comfort food" and revisited Jane Austen's Persuasion.  

MOL is also a source of comfort.  Knowing that you are all out there - complaining about our usual issues of bad parking and thoughtless drivers, as well as offering suggestions for music - it helps a lot.


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Discussion: COVID-19

BG9 said:

Also sad we were lied to on the need for masks. Many believed that lie and now the price will have to be paid.

One way to get through this is to recognize a difference between lies and recommendations that change because new information or contingencies emerge. If experts can’t shift what they say because of what they see without being distrusted, we’re in even bigger trouble.

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