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Discussion: Top Hat & Tails

Got the message Thursday evening that a friend had passed. (He should have died hereafter; there would have been time for such a word).

Anyway, on Friday, I weigh my options (having gained forty pounds in the time of Covid) as to where I could obtain the suitable garb to let his lovely bride and children know of the regard in which I held their husband and father.

And I needed it by Saturday.

Didn't think that Nieman or Nordstrom would be able to do a less-than-24-hour turnaround.

Then I remembered Top Hat and Tails. Had walked by more than once, thought that they might have something I would like; but hadn't gotten around to stepping in until Friday.

The woman up front was Zoe. She was sympathetic to my plight, and she gave me her undivided attention for as long as it took to get garb close to my non-typical body type.

She chalked it, pined it, and assured me it would be ready on Saturday morning.

Zoe and Horace (the tailor & owner) came through.

Top Hat & Tails

1856 Springfield Av.,  M'Wood; 973.275.0080



P.s., Think global, but if you don't shop local; local won't be there when you need it NOW. 

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: Off to the races

We don't have time for a Chinese spy balloon over Montana right now, we still have that Russian spy balloon in Florida to deal with. 

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Discussion: Vulture Capitalism Hits Maplewood (NYTimes front-page story)

NoraCharles said:

I knew Eve only in passing, but know others who certainly know her better than I do.

Yes, she is intelligent and articulate but also must be very troubled, which she was able to hide well. She did have neighbors who tried to help her, including a lawyer, but she wouldn't take their advice.

She owed taxes for years.

She should have sold the house and would have been able to walk away with a sizeable amount of money from the equity. From the story it seems she had many troubled relationships including with her sister, two divorces, other problems. It's a sad story all the way around. 

I mean, it all comes down to this.  She should have sold the house.  Taxes are taxes, you have to pay them if you want to have streets, parks, fire service, etc.  That's called citizenship.

That said, the practice of foreclosing for debt and not returning any remaining equity is utterly despicable.

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Discussion: Aggressive Archiving of Discussions?

In the meantime, the Aggressive Archivers would be a great band name for people who, say, have day jobs at the Library of Congress. 

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Discussion: Twitter is a Private Company

nohero said:

By the way, the reason I used a screen shot instead of embedding is because Elon "locked" his tweets - based on a yet another random theory that the Twitter algorithm may make "locked" tweets more available to a larger audience. 

Wait, doesn't Elon Musk own twitter? Can't he just ask the people who built it how the algorithm works? Wait, those people were fired? Well who made that decision? Oh.

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Discussion: Twitter is a Private Company

paulsurovell said:

I'm speaking specifically about government attempts to interfere with what information Americans have access to and what they can speak about, when no laws are being broken. That doesn't preclude the government's right to speak to the public or to take action when laws are being broken.

The Twitter Files reveal a massive effort by government agencies and officials to interfere with speech and information where no laws were claimed to have been broken. 

oh, they reveal no such thing.

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Discussion: What does Putin want (and whatabout it)

paulsurovell said:

Glad that my post generated so much interest in Andrew Latham. But surprised (or maybe not) that no interest has been expressed in the same post's quote of Gen Petraeus, a hawk, that suggests a shift in military thinking toward acknowledging that Ukraine may have to give up territory to end the war.

Nobody's actually interested in Andrew Latham's views, but your reliance on one of his old columns prompted other people here to do the background reading that you didn't do.

Yes, Petraeus said something. Unlike yourself, others here don't take everything he says on any topic as Gospel.

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Discussion: Vulture Capitalism Hits Maplewood (NYTimes front-page story)

I graduated high school with Eve. Her story is haunting me. I did know of her travails but not the extent of them as she unfriended me on Facebook for some reason. I really hope that she can find some peace and that she doesn't face jail time.   

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Discussion: Twitter is a Private Company

Ok, I'm going to let you in on a secret. AI is a threat to humanity, but not the way you think. See, the way it works is that the rich and powerful will use AI to increase their wealth and power at the expense of everyone else. But -- and here's the trick -- they'll hide it all behind "AI." Rent going up? It's not greedy corporate landlords, it's just a pure unbiased decision by the algorithm. Can't get credit at a decent rate to invest in education, or just buy a car? Ah, that's just the algorithm again. Wrongfully arrested because the system flagged you as having the same face as someone else? Don't be so black. Also, not our fault -- that's the algorithm.

That's all just going to get worse as our algorithms seem smarter. Oh, yeah, we have no idea how it works, it's a black box and, hey, maybe it's even sentient, so don't blame us, blame the algorithm!

I mean, really, we've seen this play before, many times. Take some new technology, use it to hide what's going on and deflect blame, profit. Sometimes it's legal technology -- Mitt Romney was right when he said that corporations are people -- they're rich people, using the legal machine called a "corporation" to minimize risk and duck accountability while taking all the profit. AI will be the same.

I'm not worried about AI because it's going to surpass humanity. I'm worried because it won't.

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Discussion: The NYT Spelling Bee Thread

Whoa. As soon as I typed that, the last word popped into my head.  First QB in a couple of months :-)

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