Wow - doesn’t time fly, Ridski?

I know we really celebrate birthdays here any more. But hey, it’s Ridski’s tomorrow (22nd) - we have to have a cuppa or a beer and nibble a slice of cake in his honour! 
Hope it’s a great day, dear friend - all you wish it to be! Try to ignore the shenanigans at home, laugh at the silly rumours and interviews (Farage interviewing Trump??), and focus on family and Daisy’s pantos.

We all love you!

Hope you’ve had a fun day, dear friend  wink

Sorry I missed this thread! Thank you, Joanne! As my birthday this year also almost matches up with our 25th wedding anniversary (in 2 weeks) and it’s Wifeski’s Spring Break, we headed to California to hang with out Los Angeles friends (and some British friends who are celebrating their anniversary) and we’re spending this weekend in beautiful Palm Springs. 

Please find attached a completely unnecessary photo of me enjoying my birthday yesterday in the pool.

“Hey, over here. Can someone take my sunglasses before I go under?”

Congratulations to you both on the 25th.

question that pic looks like your Aussie birthday  question question question  Happy anniversary, too!

Happy belated birthday Ridski!!!

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