Word Disassociation!

Think of a word that has nothing to do with the previous word.



This is too easy.


(any chance to get that in, soparent :winkoh oh

hey, check out the "what do you call your neighborhood in maplewood?" thread and what i had to say toward the end...it's right up your boulevard.

you're getting dangerously close to association, lara!


Well, you know, all words have something to do with all other words, really. But originally I was going to post "Doctor" and then I thought, "Gee I haven't used the word 'Chinaman' in a very very long time."

How about this one: perambulation

prove it, lara.


Oh dear. Prove that I haven't used the word Chinaman in a long time?....I don't think I can!


no, prove that every word is somehow associated with all other words.


Aw, I knew what you meant. I was just kidding around. Anyhow, I can't prove that either. Proving things isn't my strong point.


However, I could illustrate my point using the words on this thread.

Benjamin Franklin was supposed to have invented a more efficient method of farming cabbage.

And an author named Benjamin Franklin Tweed wrote a book "THe Musical Supplement and Congregational Melodist."

And the Tweed is a great Scottish river, known for its quality salmon fishing. And you can't have a river without some pools.

And the last guy to lose the office pool at Brookfield school district was taken away in handcuffs, and in the movie "Swimfan," one of the characters is pushed into the pool while handcuffed.

and on and on, until we get to the Chinaman who imports cinnamon....

lara, you have to much useless knowledge!! :wink:

Audrey Hepburn

Oh, don't get me wrong Scarlet...I just mostly used Google!


subprime lending...LOL

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