VERY large birds in Millburn

Maybe the feral cats weren't taking any chances...

ctrzaska said:

Maybe the feral cats weren't taking any chances...

I guess that would be it.

wedjet said:
val said:

Found two massive turkey vultures on top of our garage --- then realized that our neighborhood's entire feral cat population is GONE. #ecosystems 

Turkey vultures generally do not kill prey. They eat carrion.

Perhaps the coyotes got the cats and the vultures were there to clean up.

DottyParker said:

Tom_Reingold said:
I love turkey vultures! They fly magnificantly. They are all over NJ in great numbers. It's odd how I see them in the sky so frequently and others are blind to them. You have to look way up for them. If you think you see a hawk and it's hovering, it's really a vulture.

Occasionally, when I am at the Target and/or the Super Home Depot in Vauxhall, I see the turkey vultures soaring overhead.  I saw them today and -- four years later -- I was reminded of your post, Tom.  They are magnificent flyers.  They have the widest wing span of any birds I've seen in the area.  I think it's the way that they use the wind direction to soar and bank -- they don't do a lot of wing flapping -- that presents a very dreamy sensation. I always have to stop and watch them. Today their were two in the area above the Target parking lot, over Route 78. 

Thanks for reviving the thread and for your feedback. I'm still enjoying turkey vultures and many other birds. Turkey vultures have gentle dispositions and are generally shy around people. They are sweet and affectionate with each other and are quite social. It's hard to fathom this, because their faces are really not what you would call pretty. They are also ecologically contributory.

Keep watching the skies...


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