Anyone know if this insanity is still happening?

CompassRose said:

I had to look up Parsonage at Passaic. Is that part of Millburn too?

It's in Livingston.

I rarely know exactly where the lines between towns are -- pretty sure the golf course on the road is in Millburn -- they were working on the road in front of the golf course -- not sure exactly where the road becomes Livingston.

And pretty sure they are done.

The area in question includes four municipalities. The intersection of Parsonage Hill Road and Passaic Avenue is in Livingston. But most of Parsonage Hills Road is in Millburn (in the part known as Short Hills). Moving south on Passaic, there is a short stretch that lies in Florham Park before entering the Borough of Chatham.">You mean these guys? Steve Winwood was awesome with them!


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