The mass shooting today.

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(read the thread. more interview excerpts there.)

The shooter's father's statements are unfathomable, and he appears to be high on something when he says them (most commenters think it's Meth). He basically says it's better for his kid to be a murderer than gay... and that this belief is because he identifies as a conservative Republican Mormon. 

The anti-gay/pro-gun political messaging and religious brainwashing have been very effective on this man (and his son). But he wasn't supposed to say the quiet part out loud. 

This unvarnished truth should change or destroy all the institutions that preach hate over love... especially the ones that pretend they don't. 

Will more people see this hypocrisy for what it is? Will the messaging from these institutions change a little bit? Will the act of a brave, supportive, and unarmed veteran who stopped the rampage, and who still lost someone he was close to, help the brainwashed question if they would prefer to be heroic like him, or to continue to carry this Meth-head's horrific message as their own belief?  

I’ve seen some of the international comparative stats, and graphs, and every time there’s another incident we’re reminded of this year’s annual gun death toll.

This graphic database presentation is truly eye-opening, merely contrasting USA deaths v injured:

So I’m not sure if you’ve heard that last week in Queensland we had a shocking event in which 3 people lured police out to a semi-isolated farmlot (for a welfare check, ie people were concerned about the men living there not having or seen them for a while), then shot & killed 2 officers. The 3  people living on the property were killed (after bragging about killing the police on YouTube), and a kindly neighbour who came to assist was also killed.

We’re all, as a nation, in shock. For loads of reasons. This morning there are more than 8k people physically at the memorial service for the two police officers; more at several other formal locations where it’s televised; and it’s broadcast on national tv as well. 

Further, most people agree we should have a national gun register.

The running back for our local Canadian Football team, the Edmonton Elks was shot to death on a trip to visit family near Memphis, TN. Not a mass shooting but an illustration of the dangers inherent in visiting America.

Suspect Arrested in Deadly Stabbing of 2 on Train in Germany

You can bet that the German equivalent of the Times isn't running a story every time two people happen to get killed in America.

It's hard to even comprehend the difference in the levels of violence between the civilized countries of the world and the American abattoir.

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