Spring Forward Soundtrack: Power Pop

Always up for power pop, but especially this time of year. (Don't know exactly how to define it, except: I love it at first listen.) Hit me.

Something (anything?) that you may have missed:

And one of the killer B's, just to beat the rush:

Start with this. I'll be back....

From their comeback album...

You were up late... So there is a decent bandwidth of power pop. Let me know if this is too up-tempo for you and that will let me hone in a bit.

Excellent, all.

cuethesun: I was hoping someone who owns Cheap Trick's entire discography, and whose handle could be an alternative title for this thread, would chime in.

lanky: Tempo can't be too up. Slower is just fine, too. Either way, that was perfect, especially since it was a band I'd never heard of before.

Shoes! I was just about to post one. Here's one I remember singing to in a car:

j_r said:

Shoes! I was just about to post one.

Another group I hadn't heard of until my friends' high school band, in '81-82, covered a couple of tracks off "Present Tense." Almost instantly, they became "this is for Dave" songs.

I like the YLT cover but this one is poppier in the original:

Spotify has a few good playlists.


A couple of bands that may push the PP envelope, but wotthehell:

(Future music thread: Songs about Mary.)

j_r said:

I like the YLT cover ...

OK, that cross-post was a little spooky.

Can't believe the best one hasn't been posted yet.

j_r said:

Can't believe the best one hasn't been posted yet.

Definitely up there, but I was just thinking this might be my No. 1:

If you have a streaming service I encourage you to listen to this entire album...It rivals Spilt Milk:

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