Sarabeth and Simon's legacy: Charlotte

OK let me try it a different way

Can you see it now?

Yes! So sweet. Are you getting new kitties? 

It worked for me, calliope. Gracie is beautiful. I hope you and she find the perfect new companion before too long. I know how miserable I felt in the months between Freddie's death and bring Rollie into our home. It didn't make the grief go away, but the sharpness lessened with each day that our new boy grew into our lives.

Yes, I can see it! So cute...

Yes, wallflower, they are on their way today. I have been talking to a rescue in Hazlet. Yesterday, a couple of good friends and I went to the PetSmart in Homdel, and met a Maine Coon and a Ragdoll, who both had very sad stories.  The female lived with a family since she was a kitten, She was very attached to the daughter (young teen) and her father decided to give up the cat because they were moving(!)  The family placed her privately, the cat escaped---traveled 5 miles to her old home, and the father surrendered her to the rescue.  The male was dumped in an apartment complex in Keyport when he was a kitten.  The rescue trapped him, and he was adopted out to a family with 8 cats. He was neutered and microchipped from his cattery, when he was trapped, but there was no response when the rescue tried to contact the original owners/breeders. He was very stressed  for 3 years, and when the family had a baby, it was his tipping point---so they returned him to the rescue.  

Ideally, I would have liked a bonded pair.  While they were in the same foster home, so are several other cats, so there is no way of knowing how they will do together.  I am hoping they will at least live in a state of détente.  I spent the morning assembling and installing another pet gate in one of the bedrooms.

The little girl Maine Coon Cat (soon to be named)

Best wishes to you all.  Your new cats are very lucky to have you.

oh, they're beautiful. Good luck. It'll be a new adventure! Please keep us updated.

the poor dears need a quiet haven to just be appreciated for their feline selves, it doesn't really sound as if many humans have had time or space for them. You and Gracie are gracious indeed to share your home with these new friends. 

Thank you all! I am optimistic.  These past 18 days have been the longest period I have been without a cat in my lap, in 30 years.  I am just waiting for them to arrive.  Gracie is watching the door!

Calli, I am excited for you and Gracie! They look like cuties, enjoy your new babies!

Wishing you and Gracie lots of pleasure with your new little furries. They look very sweet. Hope everyone settles in and settles down as easily as possible.

awwwwwwww, this is wonderful news. They are beautiful and lucky to be getting you for their new Mom.  rolleyes 

No word yet from Calli. Do you think that Gracie ate them??  grrr 

Best wishes! Looking forward to more pictures.

 Meet Charlotte (Lotti) and Timmy!  We are all settling in.  I have them in the guest room (now the cat room) behind a tall pet gate,so they can see smell and hear all that is going on in the house, and get accustomed to life in Gracie's Mansion. 

Charlotte walked around the house a little,and then went directly under the bed---which is fine with me.  She emerged a few hours later, and claimed the wing chair as her own. 

Timmy made himself right at home. He snuggled up next to me while we watched TV. 

So very slowly, the next chapter has begun. 

And ,hauscat, Gracie ate all her dinner (sans les chats)played with her toys, is happily gnawing on her marrow bone. She is my happy puppy again!

Too cute. Gracie has two kitties to watch over again, so life is good. 

How are YOU feeling, Calli?

Great news! So nice to hear that Gracie is eating again. You deserve this, Calli, as do Lotti and Timmy.  

there's something about those names...just right! Definitely, all's right in Gracie's and Calli's world!  cheese 

Thanks for the encouragement and good wishes.   I'm wondering if I have bitten off more than I can chew.  I am up this late, because when I went to check on the cats, to make sure everyone was bedded down, who passed me in the hall but the Tim Man.  Somehow, he managed to break the gate that I was so proud of myself for installing.  I had to lure him back to the room, close the door (which he immediately opened), and bungee cord the gate together and to the doorknob.  

I already have a dog who is smarter than I am.  Was I destined to have a cat who is also my intellectual superior?

This is Timmy this afternoon, while we were watching TV.

Timmy! Hah!! Sounds like he loves you already and wants to be with you all the time. oh oh Hope you got a good night's sleep after that. 

Timmy looks very cozy indeed. My new kitten, Slinky, has learned how to open the doors too, I have to put a folded face cloth between the door and the door jamb to keep him contained, when I need him out of the way. He has also learned how to open all my dresser drawers and crawl in. Good luck.

Timmy sounds delightful.

Hah. He sounds like my kind of cat.

I haven't been on MOL in ages, so I'm just catching up with this thread, but Calliope, my heart breaks for your loss of Sarabeth and sings for the arrival of Timmy and Lotti! They are blessed that you found them. Looking forward to lots more photos.

I just wanted to add how happy I am that you gave two more adult kitties with hard luck stories a brand new life of luxury.  grin 

Congratulations, calli! I'm so happy Gracie is feeling happier. Can't wait to hear more about the newest additions!!

Congrats for sure! Bless you for giving 2 more kitties a bright future filled with love. oh oh

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