Just came across this article:

We got hooked on it in the past year - Mango mochi from Aldi has been our go to choice.  Looks like the brand is My/Mo - a quick search shows that target might carry them also.

Any other brands/flavors out there that you like?  And where's your source?   smile

all I can say is yuk.

Carry on.

what is it about them you don't like?  Where did you have it?

I started off with the ice cream versions from Whole Foods, but found I really like the chewy rice mochi wrapper part the best, and don't need the ice cream. So I started ordering these from Amazon (it's just the chewy rice part).  Not sure if there is a local source.

Yeah - I would prefer a little less ice cream.

jamie said:

what is it about them you don't like?  Where did you have it?

 I had some from shop-rite, maybe another place too. I don't like the texture, and the ice-cream filling didn't thrill me too much either.

Daifuku for me - pretty much the same thing, without ice cream or fuss. Yum!! But D doesn’t get the appeal, especially not the red bean paste filling.  Plain or green tea flavour are my faves. 
Asian grocers have the kinds I like; the mini variety packs with cute sprinkles and shapes. Occasionally when I buy aburio salmon for lunch I’ll splash out on a full size one for dessert cheese

(Now I’m craving one for breakfast!) D doesn’t like powdery mess, or the textures, and it’s not the right kind of sweetness for him. He’s a chocolate and cane sugar man. 

why do I think I've been shaded?

and chocolate is hardly my fave.

and you have no idea of what I think of red bean paste filling.

that was an odd post.

DB, Joanne is referring to her D.

sprout said:

DB, Joanne is referring to her D.


never mind.

We enjoyed this shop's green tea mochi a few years ago.

A longer view of the process at the same shop in Nara:

drummerboy said:

sprout said:

DB, Joanne is referring to her D.


never mind.

 There are way too many Davids here, and no-one remembers him as shemademedothis (Rumpole as avatar) so it’s just easier to call him D. Sorry for the confusion. 

joanne said:

 There are way too many Davids here, 

There’s dave, and then there’s ...

Oh, I get it. Faaaaaaaark.*

*I am aware that this is not a definitional use of the crow’s call. It’s the sound of all the air going out of my ego.

Just call me green tea mochi Dave.

At first glance, it reminds me of the deep fried ice cream which used to be the dessert du jour at many Chinese restaurants.  It may have gone out of favour now.

I LOVE mochi, and I would give anything to be able to buy some.  Any type will do.  I have a japaneese-chilean student, and I will ask him if he knows where I can buy some.  Maybe in Santiago.

Contains ice cream = not mochi

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