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Bad migraine day. I packed a few boxes of kitchen stuff for the move this morning, and a large box of my clothes, and realized partway through that I had a migraine brewing.

Now, I feel like I have a fist clenched hard somewhere behind my left eye. Ugh. Might want to try the cool damp cloth and dark room lie-down. 

ETA: My post-move agenda includes finding a good primary-care doctor right away and getting on their radar with a lot of the crap I've been dealing with these past few years. Hopefully, that will involve a new ENT and maybe even a neuro. It's time.

I know you already have lots on your plate... I'm wondering if it may help to keep a basic symptom diary over the next couple of months so that when you do see that new doc you have some hard evidence with you?

Just : note today's migraine; if dizzy tomorrow; dizzy & migraine the day after; that kind of thing. It helps to see the clear days as well as the bad days. 

I hope you feel better soon.

Yes, I have been thinking about doing that, Joanne. A log of symptoms, like I used to keep for the Meniere's Disease, as well as everything I'm eating and drinking, what possible triggers I'm experiencing, blah, blah, blah. It's a good plan.

Tedious, but helpful.

HAH!! We always suspected it, didn't we, ladies?? There's a link between some chronic hormonal migraines and the approaching menopause:


Finally, it's convincingly evidence-based for the conventional medicine world to listen to generations of women's experience. 

In other news on my own personal journey, I'm on day 5 of very little sleep as my meds are stepped up to handle Queensland's current awful summer. I'm hardly leaving a darkened bedroom except for work days. The pay-off is that when I do venture out I'm a little more resilient. My pharmacist has suggested we add SAM-e to the mix, and the neuro is reading up on my case notes and the meds to be sure it's the right combo for me. (For some people with the genetic migraines, this helps with the neurotransmitter production so you're less likely to experience the surges and splutters that results in the various symptoms) 

How's everyone else doing?

I am okay headache-wise, except when it is really windy. Of course, I have a terrible cold and cough this week, and the coughing is making my head feel awful.

Peggy, apparently there's a lot of evidence that a magnesium supplement may help people who suffer with primarily weather environmental migraines (or single-trigger migraines). 

do you take the magnesium all the time, or only when you have a problem? 

I believe it's all the time, so the neuro transmitters fire all the time. There's a school of thought that some migraine types are like electrical short circuits and this helps to fix the circuitry. If that makes sense. 

bizarre attack last, as I was going to sleep: the new med doses are slowly working but it's very odd in here observing the changes. In last night's migraine, the pain blossomed slowly with nausea and gagging on the left including only on the left of my throat, twitching on my right side (yep, all the muscles, but just the right side),   green cartoon characters popping in for a visit in the front just behind my forehead as if it's a wall of graffiti but the back of my head was busy with something else....Not even quarters, rough chunks like slices of a cutout Me. Very uncomfortable. I thought 'yeah, this is what happens often, but faster and all mixed up. huh.'. Fell asleep. 

Yeah. I've put it in my migraine diary. oh oh

I think stuff like this often happens but it's all at once and fast, so the brain is overwhelmed and just can't cope. And shuts down. Who can blame it??

Certainly not me. No blaming here. I hope you feel better now!

Actually, yeah. No hangover today. That's a plus!  smile 

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