Maplewood Township Committee Meetings

Township meeting from May 17th:

Public Meeting Addressing Tuscan/Burnett/Springfield Intersection - May 31, 2022

Township Committee Meeting - June 8th:

Township Committee Meeting - June 21st:

Township Committee - Special Meeting - June 29th - Fire Department consolidation

Township Committee Meeting - July 5th:

Township Committee Meeting - July 19th:

Township Committee Meeting - August 2nd

September 6

Public Safety - September 14

Township Committee Meeting - September 20

Township Committee Meeting - October 3

Thanks,Jamie. It's so important for the public to keep up-to-date on all local issues.

Does anyone know if the TC plans on returning to in-person meetings?

Will this town ever have in person meetings again in our lifetimes?

BarneyGumble said:

Will this town ever have in person meetings again in our lifetimes?

The main issue at the moment is that they don't have a reliable set up to do in person AND zoom.  Since the meeting is advertised as streaming/zoom - that element has to happen.  If they did this and the Zoom portion stopped working - the whole meeting would need to end.  I heard something like this happened in South Orange recently.

Why don’t they go back to broadcasting on public access cable or do a live stream?

I think at this time it's only one or the other - they can't do both reliably.  I'm guessing that they think some people may want to still address the committee remotely, so they'll probably keep streaming for the moment.

At least the sound is superior on the zoom presentation than under any previous sound system in the town hall.

November 1st - Township Committee Meeting:

Next TC meeting is this evening 11/14.

November 14th - Township Committee Meeting

December 6th Township Committee Meeting

Ugh - sorry a bit behind on these!  I didn't realize there was a "live" sub-section now in youtube!  Usually the live ones would end up in the main videos tab after they were over.

Public Safety Meeting - December 14, 2021

Township Committee Meeting December 20th, 2021

January 1st - Reorganization meeting:

Township Committee Meeting - January 3rd, 2023

Maplewood Township Committee Meeting - January 17, 2023

Maplewood Township Committee Meeting - February 7, 2023:

Maplewood Township Committee Meeting - February 21, 2023


On Tuesday, March 7, the Maplewood Township Committee will meet in-person at Town Hall (574 Valley Street) for the first time since 2020 with a night full of celebration, including a SOMA Celebrates Women flag raising and the launch of the Mayor’s Wellness Campaign.

The Women’s History Month flag raising begins at 7:00 pm, followed by the annual Wear White for Women photo.

At 7:30 pm, The Township Committee meeting commences indoors with the Women’s History Month Proclamation, read by some of Maplewood and South Orange’s female elected officials from past and present. Maplewood Girl Scout Troop 20251 will also be honored for their work to promote the Two Towns’ new recycling program. The evening’s celebrations continue during the Board of Health meeting, when Mayor Dafis will launch Maplewood’s first-ever Mayor’s Wellness Campaign.

Viewers unable to attend the Township Committee meeting in-person may view the meeting by watching the livestream on the Township's YouTube channel. Remote attendees can submit public comment by emailing at any time; messages will be read on the record during the public comment portion of the meeting.

The complete agenda for this and future Township Committee meetings can be accessed through the Township's Agendas & Minutes page.

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