Maplewood Rotary Christmas Trees

Sale starts Saturday Nov. 28th at 10am at Maplewood pool

weekdays 6pm - 8pm, weekends Sat. & Sun. 9AM - 6 PM


This is all for our charity dollars

Rotary motto "Service above Self"

contact 973-964-3987

The ad on the Rotary Club Facebook page says the sale runs from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Is that correct?

Also, I think you mean 6-8 p.m. Monday through Friday — not 8 p.m. - 6 p.m.!

Interesting idea, but I prefer stationary Christmas trees.

Thank You Mary Barrmann. You are correct!

A very successful opening day Sat. Nov. 28th

trees are fresh & beautiful, Support Maplewood Rotary charity dollars

Wow! What a beautiful Saturday! Many trees sold! Sunday weather shall be better.

Open 9am - 6pm at Maplewood Pool, Boyden Ave. near First Aid Squad.

We got a tree at Home Depot. I like to listen to the sound of pine needles falling gently in the night.

Will be by Friday night or Saturday to get our tree at the pool! 

Our Rotary club tree has been up since Saturday.   It is the best we've ever had.  Never ever going any place else for a tree.

DEC. 12th, Rotary trees OPEN 9am - 6pm Sat. & Sun. Maplewood Pool

I think the Scouts are there to help load and tie on the car.  

We bought ours last week and left it outside.  Put it inside last night after cutting off an inch from the bottom.  It's been drinking water like nobody's business.  Seems very healthy.

We bought our tree there today. Nice selection and the folks working could not have been more helpful and friendly. Plus, my kids thought looking at the pools all closed for the winter was pretty cool.

Saturday Dec 19th, Hurry, hurry open 9 am TILL sold out!

     Friday night 6 pm till 8 pm

Thank you from Maplewood Rotary Club

Open today? Any trees left?

Thank you ALL for your support of our charity dollars!

SOLD out, 500 trees on Sat. 19th

See you next year Saturday after Thanksgiving.

Happy & Healthy Holidays!


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