Lost Christmas gift

A small black Shinola box fell out of my shopping bag between the train station and Maplewood Ave in the pouring rain last night.

That sucks. What was your walking path from the station to Maplewood Ave? The one of the underpasses or around the end on Baker? Assume you've retraced your steps and didn't find it? May drive through that way later and will keep an eye out for it - was it watch sized box?

Hope you find it.  Fingers crossed.  

Also - check with the guys at the train station as well as the police to see if anyone turned it in.

with a high ticket item like that, I'd say chances are slim. Did you by any chance use an amex card that had any kind of loss/ theft protection?

Not that slim.  Definitely worth checking with NJT and MPD.  Also check with in any shops/restaurants you may have passed.  Someone may have turned the package in there thinking it was dropped by a customer entering or leaving the store.

if people find a $1000 item, I'd guess a large % would not return it. Sad but true

conandrob240 said:

if people find a $1000 item, I'd guess a large % would not return it. Sad but true

But some would... I would.

And I would too!

--- shows how "out of the loop" I am. I was thinking of a shoe shine kit in a box. Then I'm reading $1000 and thinking, Who'se gonna pay a grand to shine their shoes.

I hope you find it.

American made (Detriot) watches.

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