Is this your lost dog?UPDATE Monty has his forever home!!!

I think only the op can change the title.

Yes, but I am hoping that person will read this? I didn't think you or Fab could do it, but the idea is still there. Just food for thought.

op may be out of town. here is the little boy snuggled up next to me on the couch this afternoon

Must Stop Opening This Thread
at least until it says "adopted"

carolanne said:

Must Stop Opening This Thread
at least until it says "adopted"

++++++1 I am in love!

Yeah, join the club. Even Mr. PeggyC made approving grunts when I showed him the first photo of this little guy after his grooming. I wish I thought I had a real shot at adopting him...

He's been a really good boy. He's been walking okay on the leash but not as well as I would like. The tandem walk with both dogs works well. I let the Bichon lead the walk and he follows. He has definitely been a house dog. No accidents in the house and he knows a few commands.

I was just at the west orange animal hospital with my dog and there is a sign saying "lost female ship tzu"
It is dated nov 20. Lost in Newark by Sussux ave
Please contact 862-955-0292

Is this found dog a girl or a boy. I'm sorry I didn't read the whole thread...

He is a boy. But thanks for trying. These 2 get cuter every day!

I saw on Patch that someone found a female shih tzu in Grove Park yesterday.
Maybe the same one?

so are you keeping him, smooch? I apologize in advance if you may have posted the answer already but I'm just catching up.... what's his status as of today - monday?

He sounds like a great dog. Does it have a furever home already? Has he been around kids?

Are you still looking for a home for him?

ok everyone, the last photo posted was taken today. yes he is wonderful sweet as pie and reasonably well behaved. No accidents so far. Was great with my 13 & 16 yr old cousins, have a 2nd grader coming over later this afternoon. We need to ask my husband Fabwalls if he is still looking for a home. Fab is very fond of him (as am I ) when he gets home from work I'll find out what he wants to do.

They do that to ya, don't they? Having a buddy around is nice. They might become the best of pals.

We agreed to foster a dachshund last June...took about a day to decide she was staying...

I get home and he follows me right to my desk. He purrs/growls when I pet him sometimes.

We call that 'Muppet Sounds' when Keegan does it. Ms. bikefixed also calls him 'Grumble Guts' sometimes. Any sign of disapproval when you do this?

I have a feeling if that little guy turned up in our house he would never leave. oh oh

He is very happy. I haven't figured out what upsets him yet. I've picked him up and played with his ears and rubbed him all over. He doesn't like my hand near his nose and eyes but that's because we keep giving him ointment for the cherry eye. I can squeeze his paws and pull his tail as well. I've also gotten down on the floor and growled and barked at him but he just barks back. Smoochie has brushed him and he didn't mind it.

oh, Fabu,please don't taunt us! Did you make a decision?

Seriously. I'm *this* close to coming over there and kidnapping that baby!

You'll have to arm wrestle me for him, Boomie. I am inches away from driving down to get him all the way from northern CT! smile

He's really not that cute. These photos are all fake and I've been lying the whole time. Trust me, you don't want this dog.


I am SO HAPPY to hear that this little man is being so well cared for! @fabulouswalls, @smoochie, thank you for being so wonderful to him. Like @bikefixed we have a rescue shih tzu (mixed with something else) who was a neglected mess when we adopted him. He's a little Ewok chatterbox when he's busy.

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