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Yes, I'm pulling the pin too. There's some stuff needs doing here that'll take me off line.

** back atcha **

Why did the chicken cross the Möbius strip?
To get to the other… eh?
Hang on…

From "Scientists tell us their favourite jokes"

WE'VE GOT THUNDER AND LIGHTNING!! The stormtracker looks like a lit-up Christmas tree!!

Well, waddya know!

It's 2014 already!!!

(For those who don't know, I'm in south-eastern Australia (an hour ahead of joanne, who is in south-east Queensland) ... and SE Australia is 16 hours ahead of NJ time.)

Have a safe and happy start to the year, everyone.

Comment from HRH Charles

smirk. What would HRH know? He keeps repeating his tweets!!

Besides, everyone know that it officially starts when the ball drops in NYC!!!

You've been reading bronxzoocobra again, eh??

Bronx Zoo's Cobra ‏@BronxZoosCobra 8h
Even though the snakeskin look is slimming, no more late night mice crispy treats for me in 2014.

Bronx Zoo's Cobra ‏@BronxZoosCobra 25 Dec
Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. 'Cause I ate it.

Bronx Zoo's Cobra ‏@BronxZoosCobra 24 Dec
Huddle around your heating rock and read my story "Santa Claws and the Night Before Christmas" with the family:

Bronx Zoo's Cobra ‏@BronxZoosCobra 24 Dec
@RayneOfTara Looks delicious! Adorable. I meant adorable!

You haven't commented on the RunRaw team, and their return to Melbourne!

A year of running marathons (that's 365 marathons), on raw vegetarian food, in your 60s - just to prove you can do it. That's some dedication to the cause!

A typical day on the road:
Up at 4:00am
10 bananas, a grapefruit, and a date smoothie each for breakfast
8:00am: Make room for another 10 bananas each
9:00am: Large green smoothies to help wash the bananas down
At 30km, stop for a fruit salad
Three oranges each at the 37km mark
Finish marathon around 4:00pm
Vegie juice, avocado and a huge vegetable salad for dinner

I don't think I'll be doing anything similar soon. The medication I'm on doesn't allow me to eat grapefruit.

snort! Great excuse!! grin)

How to tell when your cat is fully charged ...

Fancy a swim - with these babies?

I'm surprised you haven't posted thisreview on a great new whisky!
Who doesn't like test-driving whisky??

Hey, marksierra, I know there are all those jokes aobut peopel from Nuriootna and Muroopna (sp??), and the SPC/Ardmona connection, but really... d'you reckon maybe heat was the excuse, or just excess fermenting fruit???

There's more on that story coming out now ... the chap involved has described his "arrival" as just like a birth, but was disappointed his rescuers used his 'good olive oil'.

Which leads me to wonder whether we could describe it as an extra-virgin birth?

OMG @marksierra - I'm stealing the fully charged cat photo for my Facebook!!! grin)

This 'blog', if you can call it that, will be a place to post quirky stuff that appeals to me and, maybe, to others.

musicmz said:

OMG @marksierra - I'm stealing the fully charged cat photo for my Facebook!!! grin)

Go for it!

Have your caught up with this blogger, yet, marksierra??? I love his description, at bottom...

joanne said:

Have your caught up with this blogger, yet, marksierra??? I love his description, at bottom...
Of learning to write and spell the American way? Yes.

I also love the way he's trying to explain how he went from ultra-warm Brisbane to very ultra-polar-cold USA. Quite funny.

you know my phobia on cockroaches. let me say now: ugh.

What a fascinating story!

First, catch your bee, then sedate it, shave it and glue on a 'backpack' ....

This is also an interesting story - researchers have discovered a link between anaemia and Alzheimer's disease.

It seems that bananas are unhealthy - for monkeys.

Yebbut that's London. Here, in Oz, we're giving our zoo animals gelato and popsicles.

I'm going to help marksierra out here, while he's away: We've jsut been treated to a release of The Marmalade Files, a declassification of highest secret files from our foreign and 'spy' services:

weather?? Hot around your place?? what are you complaining about - IT'S COOL WHERE YOU ARE!

We've had 28.4 mm of rain all year; our av temp has been 29.7 degrees C (no humidity recorded in long term stats, but observing each day, it hasn't fallen under 50%), and in the past week the temp hasn't fallen below 20 degrees C at any point around the clock. And Jan isn't our hottest month of the year.
(Can't believe our regular offical records only go back 21 years!! There are historical, pioneering records that are earlier but nothing governmental. bizarre)

(Don't mind me: I'm just jealous that you eventually get a change in conditions. We don't, for months on end)

I hope these fruit are naturally sweet. It's be a shame to have to add sugar to make them edible.

Think of the combinations and permutations - eat them fresh to lose weight. Dry them, and they become prunes. Eat enough of them in that form and ... you get the idea.

joanne said:

you know my phobia on cockroaches. let me say now: ugh.

I can understand a phobia on domestic (indoor) cockies, but what about the outdoor, Aussie, Bush Cockie? They mainly live outside and forage through leaf litter. If they do come inside, they're easy enough to pick up and turf out.

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