HELP - Lost Cat, South Orange

Please spread the word! Trinny was LOST on January 16, 2021 in South Orange, NJ 07079 at 508 Hillside Ter near West Montrose, 1 block south of N Ridgewood, NJ. She is a lovable talkative indoor cat that has never been outside before. But is also very easily frightened, esp of new people. She slipped past me Sat night and not seen her since. Completely devastated. Please keep an eye open and thank you. Description: Black shorthair 8-year old. Wearing a tag here, but not Saturday. Is chipped, though. If I could please ask my neighbors to check their garages or under porches, wherever she might be huddled for warmth, I would be very grateful. Thank you, Mark Borrelli

Post on the Neighbors by Ring App.

also, put the used litter box out, it has her scent.  hang some bedding or other items with your scent outside.  put food and water near the door she escaped from.

cats can often be seen easier at night...go out with a flash light and look under things trying to get the reflection of her eyes.

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