Hearty Congratulations to Julian Assange For Completing 1,000 Days In His Putrid Cell

nan said:

This lawyer should be world-famous for his battle with Chevron – but he’s in jail


Thanks for the link, which I was capable of clicking myself, but the information in my question was intended to indicate that I wasn’t flying blind.

nan said:

Donzinger was only prosecuted because he successfully opposed Chevron and they were found guilty.  The details of the case are just an incredible miscarriage of justice.  

Same for Assange. 

The Hague would disagree with you about his being involved in a fraud.

I'm no expert on Donzinger, but from what I've read he has unjustly got the shaft because he pissed off Chevron.

The difference between him and Assange, of course, is that Assange would be a government prosecution. Donzinger was not. (Except for maybe his last case?)

1267!  Still rotting.   

1327!  Still rotting!   Nice.

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