Claudio Roditi

Was a memorial concert for Claudio Roditi ever held? Does anyone know?

I ask because the obituary put out by the Jacob Holle funeral home in Maplewood  said a memorial concert for him was to be held “in the coming months”.  He died in early 2020, just a few weeks before former Senator Burr sold stock. 

I was reminded of him because of comments a Cuban woodwind player made on the second to last volume of Live from Emmett’s Place.

I assume that COVID derailed the plans for a memorial concernt since he died only a couple of months before the world shut down.

I don’t have direct info on this man, but I know of so many who died (mostly not Covid-related) at the height of the pandemic for whom future services were planned, but families didn’t end up doing regular events for them, either because of Covid safety reasons or apparently because they simply decided too much time had passed. (It has made me realize closure is a real thing…)

First time I saw him live was when I worked these concerts...


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