child lost new cell phone at Columbia High School on Friday afternoon

My dear child lost her new phone at Columbia High School in front of the building on Friday during lunch period. She was in lunch period 7 and was sitting on the ground on the ground in the circle right out of the front doors. Of course, this was a two week old birthday gift she earned by not losing her flip phone for 2 years! It is a black IPhone 5s with a brand new blue and purple cover with sparkles. Reward if returned. Please put the word out. We are both crushed because this is so not like her. sad face.

I've so been there. I'm so sorry for the stress.

I'm sure you have let the school know. There is a lost and found somewhere in the building. When kid lost his expensive graphing calculator, he went there and said that there were several that were identical to his calculator.

So maybe someone turned in the phone. Keeping my fingers crossed for you and your kid.

nan said:
I've so been there. I'm so sorry for the stress.


Isn't there a way to locate a lost iPhone via computer?

unicorn33 said:
Isn't there a way to locate a lost iPhone via computer?

Yes, ('Find my iPhone') - IF that setting is activated AND the phone is turned on.

Phone found!!!! Some fabulous, conscientious student turned it in!!! Principal Aaron was going to try to find out who it was so I/and dear daughter can thank them and reward for such a good deed! I applaud all of the wonderful students we have at Columbia!

So thrilled for you and your daughter! I lost my phone in Millburn last week so I didn't have to imagine your pain oh oh

Do smart phones have a remote kill option yet to discourage theft or are cell phone companies still profiting from high rates of theft?

Such good news!!!!!!! Relief!

Ms Aaron made an announcement today that thanks to a kind and honest ( or words to that effect) student/students, a lost phone was found and turned in and the owner was very happy to get her birthday present back!

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