Does anyone know what we're supposed to do in this game? Seems intriguing. (Especially after 5 hours in the library .... just a LIT-TLE stir-crazy!)

Joanne? Mark? Psychomom? HQ? Pizzaz? Anybody?????

I google it oh oh

Botticelli (game)

Botticelli is a guessing game which requires the players to have a good knowledge of biographical details of famous people. The game has several variants, but the common theme is that one person or team thinks of a famous person, reveals their initial letter, and then answers yes/no questions to allow other players to guess the identity.

The game takes its name from the famous person having to be at least as famous as Sandro Botticelli, who is also the answer to the archetypal question, "Did you paint a picture of Venus rising?", referring to his painting The Birth of Venus.

How to play

One player (the chooser) is selected to think of a famous person (the identity). This person should be someone the chooser is comfortable answering biographical questions about, and someone the chooser is very confident that the other players will all have heard of; obscure identities make for frustrating game play, especially with young players. The rule of thumb is that the person should be at least as famous or well-known as Sandro Botticelli, hence the name of the game. Fictional characters are acceptable, but can present certain difficulties. In some contexts, a non-famous person with whom all the players are familiar may be acceptable.

The chooser then announces the initial letter of the name by which the person is usually known; for non-fictional characters, this is usually the last name. For example, if the chooser chose Sandro Botticelli, then the initial letter would be B. For the purposes of phrasing questions and answers, the chooser adopts the chosen identity.

We play with a 20-question limit. The team with the lowest score (questions asked) wins.

Hey Dave, nice cut to the chase!

HQ: Does the chooser have to confirm the guess is correct? Or since Rufus put the E out there over a year ago, do we just give Dave this one and have him choose the next letter/person?

Good question ,

I'm assuming once David said Einstein he should of giving us a letter so the next person guess the identity ..

I've never Played this game before

HQ: Welcome to the club. I don't know it either, but it seems familiar. Friends might have played when we were kids.

It may take closer attention than we can give it on this board. But I vote we give Dave a little time to chime in with a new letter, if he's willing to answer the questions about it.....

Could be fun.

Hahaha ...I agree with you wink

Let's wait until David gives us a letter so the next poster can play oh oh

Played this often in a High School science class ... Best teacher ever ...

Rufus has to let us know if my guess is correct first, right?

I think you're misunderatanding the game. The letter "E" is the first letter of the name of the famous person that the OP has in mind. The rest of us are to ask questions to help determine the identity of this famous "E".

It's more than just naming a famous person whose name begins with such-and-such letter.

I think dave has the right idea.

Not sure if Rufus is still around ... or still using that handle. We could be waiting a while for him to confirm, if ever .....

That's why I thought, just to get started again, we'd let Dave throw out a new "name", (i.e., a new letter) and we can start asking him questions about it.

(Ah, it's all coming back to me ... "man or woman?" ... "dead or alive?" ... etc.)

So I'll start with - man or woman?

Are you a presidential candidate?

Are you still alive.

Are you a philosopher ?

Adam (as in Adam and Eve)?
Or Botticelli?

CapnMarko said:

Are you a philosopher ?


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