any good experiences with an alternative energy supplier?

We’ve had 2 visits this week from reps of Inspire (, an alternate electric supply company that you can select to be the supplier part of your PSE&G electric bill (PSE&G remains the delivery company); the rep said Inspire was a 100% wind power source.  We’ve wanted to consider choosing alternate suppliers to be part of the prodding needed to get companies to move away from fossil fuel sources but have never looked into it. When I google about alternative suppliers this morning, I see there are scores of them listed on, some pages with positive remarks about a few companies (including Inspire) but far more pages with scam warnings of various kinds.  Our electric bills are not very high (no central AC), so it does not feel worth the effort to wade through the morass of conflicting information to make a choice.

Does anyone in Maplewood have any experience with doing this switch, or with Inspire?  There were 2 posts here at MOL in 2015, not particularly encouraing, but I wanted to ask again.  Surely some of these outfits are legit?  I don't mind paying 10% more for solar- or wind-powered electricity if it helps move the needle in the right direction...

When this started, I had Constellation, they offered a large gift card to switch.  Cost seemed comparable.....until  there was a billing error on PSEGs part,payment was delayed...but resolved.  Constellation said we were even.  But then they sent me to collections for the cost of the gift card, that was resolved in my favor, then they sent it to a 2nd collection agency...that was resolved in may favor...then they sent it to a 3rd.....i think its been about 2 years since I heard from them.

Don't even bother. 

Don't do it.  They offer a nice introductory rate and then jack up the prices once the introductory period is over.  You will end up paying much more that you would with PSE&G. It is also a huge pain to switch back to PSE&G.

Although I no longer live in Maplewood, I feel this is worth sharing.  

My electric bill has been consistently high for a period of time when far fewer people are living in the house [as compared to a full house].  I spoke with PSEG who told me that my electric energy is supplied by Energy Harbor [not that I recall agreeing to that, but that is another story], and I would need to contact them.

So to make this shorter: PSEG is charging 0.05 cents/ kwhr; Energy Harbor is charging 1.696 cents / kwhr.  That is a lot more.  I simply instructed them to return my service to PSEG post haste.

If it doesn't look right - call.

Good luck.

This horse has been beaten to death, but the green energy deal our towns have enrolled in actually save money.  You can see it on your bill by comparing the KW per hour charge.

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