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Discussion: The NYT Spelling Bee Thread

I got the QB in one minute after returning to the puzzle. Funny, it's the second time I've posted here that I was one short and got the last word immediately after going back :-)

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Discussion: World Cup - who are you pulling for?

This Serbia-Switzerland game is really fun to watch. Both teams are playing top notch right now. 

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Discussion: Twitter is a Private Company

nohero said:

paulsurovell said:

Your link didn't work, but I found the tweet. And the follow-up. Where's the "G_d complex"?

I don't know if that shows a "G_d complex", but there's a strong whiff of eugenics. And his argument that there will be a "risk to civilization" if population doesn't increase (a great risk than climate change, he says) sounds more like a complaint about the risk to "Western" civilization if "European" peoples don't increase their population.

given that the earth's population continues to increase, and all projections are for it to continue to increase, I think the only logical inference from what Musk is saying is that he thinks the risk is falling birth rates among the "right" kind of people.

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Discussion: Bring Out Your Dead! The celebrity death thread....

DaveSchmidt said:

A person in the neighborhood.


Nooo!!  I went to high school with Bob McGrath's daughter, Cathlin (I think she was his youngest), and she took theater class the same year I did. I enjoyed the class, but it was probably a good thing to find out early on that I was not meant to be a theater kid. However, also in our class was Damon Lindelof, who did go on to create the TV series Lost

For the class (maybe as our midterm?) we performed a few scenes in front of a very small audience. It was during our regular class period, so just a few parents came to watch. I was in an early scene or two, so after I was done I sat in the audience to watch the rest (I don't think I even invited my parents, so they weren't there). I ended up sitting down right next to Bob McGrath, and he was sooo friendly and genuine. It was a treat to chat with him.

And now I am sad. I also can't believe he already could be 90!   

And a link to the NYT announcement: https://www.nytimes.com/2022/12/04/arts/television/bob-mcgrath-dead.html

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Discussion: FBI raids Mar-A-Lago

Steve said:

And the White House.

Screw the Republicans. McConnell likes to play games? I suggest Democrats do one better.

If a Republican gets into the WH and the senate is controlled by Democrats then don't pass any nominations recommended by or who belong or have any past association with the Federalist society.

I don't care if there are 2, 3, 4,  or 5 SC vacancies or other vacancies. If the Federal Judiciary gets bogged down by vacancies, then so be it. Its better than getting stuck with lifetime toxic jurists from that society.

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Discussion: Recycling Changes Effective January 1, 2023

Gonna need to go to Home Depot to buy about 12 plastic bins to keep all this separate, then remember which one to take to the curb mid-week. 

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Discussion: SO Village Hall - redevelopment (beer hall)moving forward?

$22, of course I checked.

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Discussion: The NYT Spelling Bee Thread

QB today! Good day to go for it.

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Discussion: Olympic Park

ml1 said:

speaking of creepy, several years back I came across a bunch of pictures of Olympic Park that were taken after the park was permanently closed, but a lot of the attractions were still there. Not much that's creepier than an abandoned, decaying amusement park.

Did you see some teens with a Great Dane and a brightly colored van?

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Discussion: Will Herschel Win?

RTrent said:

Mocking vs. doing something illegal have different meanings.

I guess I just think there are about 100 more important reasons why Walker would be a terrible senator.  

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