Your Storm Menus

So, here its a simple turkey chili with biscuits. The biscuits are the frozen hockey puck ones Pillsbury makes. Out of the freezer and into the oven and 22 minutes later you have biscuits like your Southern grandma made. 

Snow day tradition in this house is Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls from a tube. Those were procured today.

Beef Stew is on the agenda for tomorrow. Figure I will start it in the morning and let it go pretty much all day. Won’t eat it till Tuesday, though. It’s always better the second day. 

Lentil stew with a loaf of rustic batard from the Breadstand.

Wish I had thought of buying cinnamon rolls - the Pillsbury ones remind me of special childhood breakfasts.

Pea soup with homemade croutons and creme fraiche. 

{I can’t comment on snow menus, but these all look pretty good for chemo recovery menus - in small portions cheese }
I’m enjoying lentil soup with classic potato mash, as I think I’ve mentioned before; frozen yoghurt with a bit of instant Greek coffee powder swirled in as a dessert.
He’s devouring pumpkin soup with plain toast; homemade corned beef slices with fresh tomato on toast; cheese & tomato on toast. He’s a bread lover! 

Long before I realized the forecast changed, I had planned a pot roast and mashed potatos.

Then, when I went to Shoprite for a couple of items we were low on, there was this nice 1.1/2 lb cooked lobster sitting in the cooler.  It was excellent on top of the ripe avocado I had at home.  After that appetizer, I didn't think we needed a dessert, so the chocolate fondue will be Monday evening.

I've got some pastry dough in the freezer. Think I'll make cinnamon rolls out of it.

Other than that, we've loaded up on pizza and other Italian takeout.

BJs sells a 3-pack of beef tenderloins at a very reasonable price. I think for tonight, I'll throw one of them in the broiler and cook it very much on the rare side. I'll save the other two for when my daughter comes over for diner next week. 
 I'll sauté some asparagus in olive oil, coarse salt, ground pepper and garlic and throw some pre-washed packaged spring mix in a bowl with some sliced red onion and carrots. That should do it. 

Chicken fricassee - current obsession.  Best served over wide egg noodles.

This morning I will make cinnamon rolls from scratch.  I will also place chicken breast in seasoned buttermilk  to marinade for several hours  and make chicken tenders and green  beans for dinner . 

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