Who's gonna look for the bamboo ballots?

The election is over today. 

er, whut?

Have you been visiting the dispensary?

drummerboy said:

er, whut?

Have you been visiting the dispensary?

 Go on the google and link to Arizona election bamboo

Was reading about this earlier in the week - extraordinary. Apparently now the predicted date to finish the ‘audit’ is end of July… and I still can’t see how would restore trust in the basic systems, given conflicts of interest, vested interests, various stuff-ups with ‘audit trail’ (for want of a better term).  So puzzling. 
Would love to ask more, however we’re no shining light in politics…I’ll go back to Aussie forums, wishing you great forbearance.

joanne, "extraordinary" is extraordinarily polite about this, not to say forbearing.

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