Where's all the fresh corn at?

There is clearly a shortage going on, but I can't find any details about what the reason might be.

Anyone know what the story is?

Summer ain't summer without corn on the cob.


Summer is 9 days away. Local corn shows up late July.

Try some sautéed asparagus instead.

drummerboy said:

Summer ain't summer without corn on the cob.

 Oh, I agree. But I think it's early days for bountiful corn harvests. Wait another few weeks or a month or so and the stores and farmers markets will be lousy with delicious corn. Just think about all the ways to cook corn on the grill!

The only “fresh” corn in NJ now is from GA or FL, I’m sad to say. I, too, am counting the days until Jersey corn and heirloom tomatoes. 

Heynj said:

The only “fresh” corn in NJ now is from GA or FL, I’m sad to say.

Yeah, but there's none of that either.

I'm a corn slut. I'll eat anything.

"Knee high by the 4th of July"

Acme in New Providence has had corn. It’s “eh,” but it’s corn. (That’s what butter and salt and pepper are for, right?)

Well, Shoprite and the Rte 10. Farmers Market (my regular vegetable haunts) has had some, and yeah, eh, but more than edible. But they haven't had any for maybe almost 2 weeks now. A bit odd, even for June (unless my memory has gone further south than I know.)

The new varieties maintain their crunch and sugars a lot better than years ago, so there's no need to make sure it was "just picked" anymore. It's kind of rare to get a real clinker of a batch these days.

But I may have to get some shrink wrapped corn from Costco today. I'm jonesin'.

I love grilled corn. What's your favorite way to make corn on the grill?  

I am, sadly, an apartment dweller, so I don't do the grill thing. I'm a steamer.

Occasionally I will char them with a blowtorch.

So, a month later and still no corn. I hear rumors that the farmers markets may have some Jersey Corn. I'll check out the Summit Market on Sunday and see what's what.

I scored some today at a farm stand in Chatham, but as a friend had warned me, it was $1/ear. There was a sign with the display about a local corn shortage this year, explaining that that was driving up the price.

hmm, so there's even a local shortage. I wonder what's going on? I've googled it, but I think most of what I find is about commercial grade corn, not corn-on-the-cob, which I assume must be a very small part of the total corn crop. Anyway, I can't find any clear answers. Was the weather bad?

Here in Sussex County, the local farmer's markets are selling South Jersey sweet corn. Still too early for local corn. It's selling for $1 per ear. Had some last night. Excellent!

Yeah, I got some from the Summit market - exact origin unknown, but it was very good, and "only" 75 cents.


We got some decent Jersey corn down the shore last week. It didn't seem to have hit its peak yet though. Unless what I bought was already a few days old.

We took a drive to the Delaware Water Gap area in late May and noticed that the were many, many un-planted corn fields on the PA side of the river.  (Knew they were corn fields because of the old plowed-under stalks)

Only guessing, but maybe the pandemic caused farmers to let the fields lie fallow this year?

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