What do you spiralize w/recipes?

We got the Kitchen Aide Spiralizer for Xmas - would love to hear what some of your favorite things to spiralize are!

I created my own dish that goes something like this.   Spiralized zucchini noodles sautéed with whatever veggies I have around - typically carrots, onions, mushrooms and spinach thrown in at the end of cooking.  While that is sautéing I also cook up some spicy turkey sausage (emptied from its casing) and then add the crumbled turkey.   As a final but important touch, some grated pecorino and hot pepper flakes.   Love.

sauté with my wife's homemade pesto sauce and add in some chickpeas (we use zucchini)

I have done zucchini noodle "pad Thai" or other Asian inspired noodle dish, substituting the zucchini for the real noodles but adding tofu, egg, peanut etc. 

I have used it to spiralize potatoes and onion for a big hash brown to use as the base for some dish instead of a typical crust. 

I have used it to spiralize cabbage, onion and carrots for homemade coleslaw. 

 About the same as Boomie but with whatever beans I have and shrimp and scallops. And lots of garlic!

How has your spiralizer been working out, Jamie?  We're thinking of getting this attachment for our Kitchen Aid, too.

hmm, I don't think we've used it yet.  Thanks for the reminder though!  grin

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