What an exciting school project!

I was undecided which Category to post in, then thought anyone who appreciates gardens and green neighbourhoods will also love this academic-year project.

This part of western New South Wales is flat, very very flat and unforested. The major industry is agriculture - many sectors, but water can be an issue. Usually not enough of it; suddenly mid-winter, there were floods. (I’m sure you’ve heard about the floods, tho perhaps not this area)

The Year 6 kids wanted to raise some $$$ to see the east coast beaches at the end of the year. It seems they’ve raised $50k-ish


Nice story.

They produced enough for 230k loaves of bread.

Read again: 230,000- 290,000.  

Amazing schoolwork  question question question

Hey, J), next week the schoolkids travel to Dubbo to see their grain milled into flour!!  That’s pretty exciting for anyone, let alone people their age.  blank stare

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