We built a bridge today.

Morris Township, Great Swamp Watershed Association property.

BRAVO for you and your group

Is that in the National Wildlife Refuge?

That is wonderful! How many people can make that claim?

sac said:

Is that in the National Wildlife Refuge?

No. It is the Great Swamp Watershed Association. They own or manage several sites. The bridge is over a  stream that feeds into the National Wildlife Preserve.

GSWA monitors for pollution, feeder streams and the Passaic river that feed into the Great Swamp. They also take thousands of elementary and middle school classes into their property each year for educational programs.

Fantastic!  Thank you for all the hard work!

Tomorrow, we are scheduled to put the railing on so's people don't fall offing the river.  Kids from Pingry will be coming to clear the trail from the bridge to where it meets other completed trails. That will give up four miles of connected trails.

The wood lasts from 10 to 15 years and then has to be replaced. Last year, one of the existing bridges was dislodged by a rain storm. It took 14 people to lift it and carry it back, 15 feet to its original position.

That is one helluva substantial bridge!

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