Vin Scelsa

Was just driving and happened to hear that tonight is his last radio show.  Haven't been listening in a while but not for lack of admiration or enjoyment.  A must, I think, if you grew up on NY area FM radio rock.

I didn't even know he was still on the air!  What station???

He called in to jerry treacy's radio program "crash on the leavy" on FDU this morning.  If you go to the FDU web site it should be in the archives very soon.

OMG, I used to listen to him all the time.  I even met him IRL!  He was great. Now I feel bad about missing my chance to listen the last 10 years or so.  I wonder what happened to his daughter.  He used to talk about her all the time on his show and have her on as a guest.  She must be all grown up now.

Thanks for the reminder bub, enjoying a great show!

I really enjoyed it.  OI also feel kind of guilty not listening the last few years.   It was technololgical laziness.  The signal got worse after they put the new radio tower in years ago and I had to wire my laptop to the stereo to stream.   One very minor disappointment.  Thought for sure he'd close with the Ramone's End of the Century rather than that silly Lou Reed song.  

He was a giant and hero not just of area radio but of the arts in general.  But never too serious about himself or the music he played.  There was always that winning touch of irreverence  and self-deprecation (that much of FM rock radio lost as it got richer and more corporatized through the 70s). 

I listened to him for years at various stations and became an FUV listener because I followed him there. I attended his Easter Acoustic Extravaganza and Greenwich Village Folk Festivals...he had more of a direct influence on what I listened to over the years than most anyone. And when the Ramones mention you by name in a song, that's pretty cool.

TTFN, St. Vin...


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