Verizon internet outages

Anybody else experiencing this? On Richmond Avenue by Underhill Field

We're good here in W. Orange.

We had an outage around 8pm, maybe 8:30, but I rebooted and it came back online.

If you lost power, you lost Verizon internet.  The back up battery only covers the telephone service.  If the power came back and the internet did not, you either need to replace the back-up battery or need to reboot your router.  Try rebooting the router first.  That usually works.

Thanks for these comments folks. The Verizon tech guy came this morning at 7:50 and went to work in the beige box on the side of the house. He was talking on the phone the entire time so I never got a chance to ask what went wrong and what he was doing. But he put a couple of things in there, one of which I guess was a battery of sorts. We went from DSL to FIOS ages ago when FIOS first hit New Jersey and have never had a problem with it. So, even though it went out during the storm, all the wires remain connected and we never lost power. Thus the storm seems to have had nothing to do with it. Although Verizon texted me no less than 5 separate times to make sure we were Covid free, the tech guy never had to come into the house. So glad that battery did not go out in the midst of the pre-vaccination pandemic days.

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