Undelivered text/email/photos

I have on quite a few occasions tried to send photos to people only to have  them bounce back as undeliverable.  This has happened when using my iPhone or iPad (I stopped using my desktop 1+ yrs ago).  This has happened using email as well as text.

A couple of folks who tried to help suggested the file was too big.  No! These are individual portraits; while I have sent albums of 10+ pix without problem.  I’d really like to figure this out and fix it.

Help reasoning this out will be greatly appreciated.


I have run into this problem occasionally. According to the error message received, The problem has been on the recipient’s end.

Other than typos in the recipient address or a too big attachment, bounced emails are rarely the fault of the sender, so there's not much you can do to avoid them.

There should be details in the bounce message to explain what went wrong.

@joan_crystal,  @drummweboy,

Thanks so much for your time and insight.

It never occurred to me that the recipient may be at fault!!!

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