Town Hall Deli was closed today

I was there around noon and place was dark/closed with no sign on the door. Phone was ringing as I peered in. Took a quick look on their Facebook and Instagram pages but didn’t see anything. 
Anyone have any info? 

Any word? We were there on Thursday. 

Dark again this morning 930am.

Could be self-imposed isolation due to someone there being exposed to COVID.  That was the reason Park Wood closed for a while.

That would be my guess. They cut their hours a while back, but otherwise they've seemed as busy as ever, so I can't imagine that they're struggling. But who knows, it's 2020, anything can happen. 

I just wish every establishment would be as transparent as Arturo's/the Breadstand.  When they had to close due to a COVID exposure, they posted that on social media.  When they reopened I felt confident because that it was safe to return because I knew they had followed proper health protocols.  When places close without giving a reason, I wonder what they are trying to hide.  

I doubt they're trying to hide anything, but IMO it is poor form to not provide any info about suddenly being closed amid a pandemic. 

I was in there last week -- if an employee tested positive, it would be nice to know what day(s) that employee recently worked, and customers can make their own decisions about what if anything to do with that information. 

Maybe the closure has nothing to do with Covid, but in these times that's the first thought that comes to mind.  

From what I heard a close contact of an employee tested positive so they closed and all employees are being tested.  

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