This kelpie's no dingo!

Legend has had it that the kelpie - Australia's iconic working dog - must have had some dingo genes in it's makeup, just from noting how they look, and how they move.

Now research has shown that the Australian kelpie and the purebred dingo don't share any genetic material.

For more on this lovely dog, see

(I owned a kelpie-whippet cross a few years ago.  It was a rescue dog and a most lovable companion.)

I've just learned two facts that astounded me:

-my ABC (Australia) link hadn't shown me that article. Boo, hiss! Great story, too. 

-you had a doggie companion?? I never knew!  cheese (certain mutual friends will be even more impressed with you)

Didja see the megafauna article about the giant wombat this morning? Hooray for Council workers going about routine, boring duties and finding archaeological treasures! Great job, fellas, and well done for reporting the find!

I believe the dog breed was named after the mythical creature

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