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Seems like so many of my friends these days are getting laid off that I finally just had to join them. Yep, they pulled the plug today, and I'm officially out of work. So if anyone knows a company that could use a really good writer/editor/researcher, keep me in mind! I'm looking at anything and everything for now.

Gotta pay the mortgage and feed the three kitties, ya know?

No F'in Way!

I'm sorry Peggy!

This is when I feel really bad about being happy that I quit my job. I know it's not the same thing, mine was planned and I'm changing careers but it still makes me feel bad!


Sorry. Hope it all works out.

so sorry to hear that, peggy. LOL

Crap...I am so sorry Peggy

Oh no!!!! Shyet! Pegs - I am so sorry.

When life hands ya a lemon..................... Fingers crossed that it'll all work out okay!

Yeah, tell me about it. Melissa, don't feel guilty about your situation just because of mine! I find your career switch extremely inspirational. I'm trying to figure out what my next move SHOULD be, so I don't just jump into another job I hate just for the paycheck. Don't get me wrong, I liked being able to pay the bills every month, but something will come out of this. Getting dumped by these asshats might be just the fire under my butt that I needed. I hated that job for the whole time I had it, but was afraid to quit so I'd have the time to pursue something else with all my energy.

Well, my time is all freed up now and my energy needs a new place to go. Necessity is the mother of invention, or desperation is the mother of the best career changes, or something. Anyway, it was more than time for this gig to end. I felt like Harry Potter with my soul being sucked out by those nasty critters from Askabhan, what were they called? Oh, yeah. The Dementers. That's who I was working for. No more.

Sorry to hear it, Peggy. :cry:

I'm sorry to read this Peggy. Go hug the kitties and I know that a much better job awaits you and one that will appreciate you more than the old one did.

really sorry to hear this news, peggy.

Oh Peggy I am so sorry!

Have you ever thought about teaching at the college level? You have the experience and I know Montclair State brings on lots of adjunct professors to teach classes, I'm sure others do too.

edited to add: This could be a blessing in disguise! It doesn't sound like you were too happy there.

Posted By: MelissaHHave you ever thought about teaching at the college level?

Really? Did you know I was in a PhD program at U. of Chicago, planning to teach at the university level? But stuff happened, as it often does, and I cut the program short and walked away with a Masters instead of the PhD I had in mind when I started.

But teaching at college level was the plan. I wonder what it would take to make something happen with that???? That would be awesome.

By the way, I fully agree with those who are saying this is a blessing in disguise. In fact, there's not much of a disguise. I felt like I'd been kicked in the stomach, like being broken up with by a really horrible boyfriend that you've been telling yourself you really HAVE to dump, but already I feel much better about it.

Another editor was let go at the same time as me, and I went up to him saying, "I'm sorry..." and he countered with a HUGE grin, and asked me "What for?" And that guy has a new wife and a baby on the way. He's pleased as punch. Hell, a little bit of severance (very little, but it's something) and some unemployment benefits, and an opportunity to create a new life.

Doesn't sound too bad, really. And getting away from the Dementers is a huge plus.

Oh Peggy, this must be pursued!

It is your time to shine my friend!!

And I mean 'in your career' because you already shine in my book!

Posted By: MelissaHAnd I mean 'in your career' because you already shine in my book!

Back at you, my friend. :heart:

Peggy, sorry about your job. But it looks like things are going to turn around for you very soon. Good luck and keep MOL posted on your burgeoning academic career!

Peggy, I am very sorry to hear this. Good luck in your job search/ career change, whatever.

Well, I certainly hope so, hahaha. I've been wanting to go back to academia for a long time (as long as it didn't involve the U.ofC., which raised scholastic infighting and backbiting to breathtaking levels!) so I think that could be ideal, although it amounts to a lot of temp jobs, really. I've got some research to do.


I don't know you personally but I'm very sorry to hear you lost your job! Although financially it's a little scary, it sounds like this is for the best and the kick in the butt you need to get a new career started. In my old career I hated my job, and I know how draining it can be. For me, it got to the point where it began to have a bad effect on my personal life.

Currently I'm employed but I'm going through a career change myself. In fact, I'm still trying to do some soul searching as to where my niche will be within my new profession. If you need any advice, please feel free to whisper me.

Oh, geez, Peg, I's SO sorry to hear it...kinda...sorta...but it sounds like an opportunity to make lemonade.

Oh, and the first drink is on me. Lemonade or otherwise.

Thanks, Meta. :bigsmile: I'm going to be free for a lot of (cheap) lunches at Lalibella or Sona now. :tooth:

Then the first LUNCH is on me.

(it usually is, unless I wear a lobster bib) :bigsmile:

Peggy, I am so sorry, but I know there is something out there just for you that you will find and love!

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