The "R-word"

Read a piece last evening regarding Kyle Busch having referred to another NASCAR driver with the "R-word".

Apparently, Kyle objected to being bumped during a race, and told the press that the contact was a "R-word" move.

Bill France, the emperor of NASCAR, announced that the supposed contact wasn't a bump, but just rubbin; and rubbin is racing.

Can somebody help me with the "R-word"?

Seriously, I am coming up blank to fill in the blank, beyond Redneck.

If Redneck has become Politically Incorrect, I'm just sad. Especially so, given that NASCAR was started with good-old-boys who were, by-and-large, Rednecks.

I want to presume that I am jumping to a unwarranted conclusion, but it's been a few hours and I am not coming up with another word to fit.

I asked the lovely bride earlier, and she came up befuddled.

Any help will be appreciated.


P.s., The quote attributed to Bill France is a complete figment of my imagination.

P.p.s., If it's a word that you don't want to publish publicly; advise me with a P.M.. I'd appreciate the help.

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch issued an apology on Monday after using the R-word during a post-race interview at Martinsville Speedway. Busch uttered the slur against people with disabilities on Sunday while describing a move made by his opponent, Brad Keselowski. "It's frickin' r-------, man, so stupid," Busch said.,so%20stupid%2C%22%20Busch%20said.

It's always nice when a question posted here can be answered with information from two days before.

I agree with this who thought it was retard before reading the reports. It wasn't fun getting called that for a couple years after my accident. Back when I was a kid in the 60s-70s-80s it wasn't so big a deal. As an adult I look back and shake my head at all the stupid **** I did, not thinking anything of it.

Thanks all.

I'm guessing that when redneck jumped into my head, the absurdity of it just led to tunnel vision.

Thanks again.


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