The MOL "Free to a Good Home" (Freecycle) Thread

haha ok this thread was a good idea.

where's the person who was looking for things for a family? in the classifieds is someone who needs furniture moved away tomorrow (it says "fire sale")
it's really nice stuff. she is asking a low price but said she basicially will take whatever is offered and someone needs to move it tomorrow. she is in west orange.
i guess finding someone to move things would be the biggest problem.

mem had wanted stuff for a charity...

no, the person who collects books, she said she had a family sleeping on the floor. i couldn't find her post.

crazy_quilter: post you are looking for is:
kidsbooks January 25th 2010 8:00:53 PM

It's true that as soon as you post things in the free section they get snatched up. I've given away a storm door, printer, ceiling fan and light fixture and every time, except for the door, I've had people interested in minutes. I always wish that people would post there when I'm driving around on bulk "waste" pick-up day. There is some decent stuff out there that just gets taken away to a landfill.

When you post in the free section on MOL, you do get a notice that it's going to cost you $3.99 when the listing goes up. But because it is for free, you never get charged (or asked for credit card or paypal info.). Maybe it would be helpful to those who are hesitant to post if this part of the listing is eliminated when the item is free?

Posted By: soresidentcrazy_quilter: post you are looking for is:
kidsbooks January 25th 2010 8:00:53 PM

Maybe Mem can just edit her first post and make this a Blog?

And when items are taken/received, just change the original request to a whisper and it will disappear as well.

Cool, I'm bookmarking the blog.

Good idea to say that LL, not everybody knows about that. Mem, maybe you can put that in your OP?

Hi - if anyone is willing to donate the following to 1978 Arts Center - a printer, art supplies, easels, art related stuff, tools - hammers, nails, step stool, nice table clothes, card tables, etc...we'd certainly appreciate it! Contact me or 1978 @


Fine shape, sits 6

I need to take pics and post them, which I will do soon.

Hot Tub-Hot Damn !!! how old -how big-lbs-wise ??? post pics...will speak to hubby....

I work during the day...weekend?

Do you have any of the furniture left?

Listed a dining room set this AM for free and it was gone in less than an hour.
Contrary to Jaime's remarks I saw no free listing option and paid 3.99 which I was happy to do to clear the space.

I am working on it's own page - just have a ton on my plate at the moment - hopefully will have the new page up next week.


This is posted here for regular MOLers first:

Free wicker couch w/cushion, a little unraveling in the legs but in decent shape:

Free: Hundreds of blank CD cases:

Mention here of this Saturday as the date for the first electronics pickup in Maplewood. Do you think the expected snow storm might result in a postponement? Anyway to check? Does anyone know the date for one in South Orange?

I just tried to get the info from the Essex County site but I can't print it out. don't know what application to open.

I have 3 dog coats for a dog about 10 pounds. They are the type that buckle under the stomach. Fleece.

awwww. I heart this thread.

Any word on the electronics drop off scheduled for tomorrow? Snow or shine?

Don't know, but I packed up the stuff in the vehicle in hopes.

I am looking for free stuff for someone in need. Is this thread still active or is any free item going to be lsited on the classified site?
This woman needs everything. Dishes. Pots n pans. Curtains. EVERY THING. Please feel free to whisper me or post here; I will be checking back. Thanks in advance for your generosity.

this is active, as is the classifieds. someone posted a free small fridge:

critterlover I have curtains, pots, pans, dishes. Whisper me some info as to where to drop off.

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