Tales of Sora the Rescue Cat

As has been told elsewhere, I came across this small, rusty-purred tabby at Valley Animal Clinic, where she'd been taken to be euthanized after being found with her deceased owner. Dr. Stack and his associates refused to end her life, but she'd been living in a cage for six months when I brought her home. Nothing was known about her prior life -- not even her name -- but Dr. Stack thought she was about ten years old.   

The first days were shaky. She seemed uncomfortable, and we discovered she had a broken front canine that gave her a snaggle-toothed appearance and made it hard for her to eat. Here's what she looked like when she arrived. 

The other pets were not overjoyed to see her. There was some regrettable behavior.

Hissing, barking, and chasing ensued.

We put the Cat With No Name in a safe room (my office) while she got used to the house, and the house got used to her. We also took her back to Dr. Stack, who popped out the broken tooth. 

By Day Three, she was eating well and spending part of the day out in the second floor. The second cat was tolerating her -- the dog not so much, so we kept the gate up. 

She also had a name: Sora. It means Sky, and is also the name of a character in a popular video game, I am told. 

Here she is settling in.  She loves to be brushed, and we are slowly getting the mats out of her fur. 

I love her dark "gloves." And I look forward to hearing more about her exploits.

What a sweetheart!

( YOU and the kitty!)

thank you! Good developments today. She is grooming herself! She wasn't doing that before, hence all the mats. I was happy to see it. 

The two cats are coexisting nicely, with Mr. Pearl stopping by my office to see what the new girl is up to. There was some hissing when she tried to join him on my bed, but otherwise all is calm. We forgot to shut Sora in when we left, but got back to peace so it seems okay. We have two litterboxes and they use them interchangeably. The next challenge will be calming the dog. 

Yes that is a Game of Thrones blanket. Don't judge.

She's a beauty!!! rolleyes 

What a nice story, and while I have no opinion about the GoT blanket, I love the quilt underneath it.

A few Wild Kingdom moments this morning, with the other pets converging on the office door to see what the newcomer was up to. When I opened it, Sora popped right out, mewing for her breakfast. Dog barked, cat gave a half-hearted hiss, and everyone went about their business. In other news, the Feliway has arrived. I plugged it in -- how long does it take to work? 

And thanks, @Jasper and everyone!  wink 

Here's Sora looking all "where's breakfast?" this morning. 

The Feliway should start working as soon as the plastic bulb heats up, maybe 15-20 minutes.  Not all cats are responsive to it, just like catnip. Both my cats were very sensitive to catnip, so I thought the Feliway might be worth a shot(just a correlation in my head---no scientific proof.  My Simon was not enamored of catnip, and he didn't seem to be fazed by the Feliway, either.)

Where did you put the diffuser? I set them up in the rooms they were each sleeping in.  I am now able to keep them both in one room at night---eventually they will have the run of the entire house, but Timmy teases the dog (and although Gracie is good as gold, that could have disastrous results)  I am also keeping them out of my bedroom, because that is where Gracie sleeps, and it is a high value place because it is imbued with my scent.

Great job, deborahg! I think that now Sora's tooth is no longer a problem, she will begin to show her true personality.  So glad she is grooming herself,again! There is nothing like a nice long bath to help a soul relax!

I put it in my office. That's where Sora sleeps and where I would love both of them to sleep eventually. She seems to be enjoying it so far. The key question is whether it will attract the other, crabbier cat. We might move it to the bedroom, where she hangs out, if it doesn't do the job here. 

still a little tense, but look here! 

Excellent!  Baby steps!

Love that shot of her on the rug looking up. And so far it sounds as if you are having great success with the meeting of the minds. Unless there is a war we have not heard about.  cheese 

Old cat still sleeping with us while Sora luxuriates in the office. Left all doors open last night and there were no issues. Sora came to visit this morning but didn't have the nerve to jump on our bed. They ate very near each other -- on different sides of the office door with the door open, about 4 feet apart. They don't like each other's food (old boy is on k/d diet), so I may be able to move the bowls into the bathroom at some point.  

Trying something new this morning -- crating the dog and giving the cats the run of the house for a few hours. There hasn't been any complaining so far, but the cats haven't bothered going downstairs either! 

This cat WILL NOT get off my computer. 

Try a flat kitty donut with a heating pad under it on low, next to the computer. She is a heat-seeking missile.  smile 

I have the same problem with my two new cats. I am ashamed to say I either dumped them off unceremoniously, or let them stay there and go do something else.  I think they are just attention seeking.  Charlotte is now just reclining next to me, and not monopolizing the keyboard.

We definitely need to restrict her screen time

deborahg said:

This cat WILL NOT get off my computer. 

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