Summer jobs for a 14 yo?

Our son, who is 14 and will be entering 9th grade next year, will likely have no camps or other structured activities this summer, and I think it's time he got a job and not spend his time mastering the XBox all summer (although he would not agree). Does anyone have any thoughts or leads on any part-time/summer job opportunities that may be available, preferably in the SOMA area? (don't want to be a chauffeur either...)

I checked the law and he'd be allowed to do actual work for pay over the summer, within certain limits, but I don't know as a practical matter if anyone hires employees under 16. I don't think a lifeguard gig at the pool would be in the cards for him. He's on the shy side, so a behind-the-scenes job (e.g. stock boy) would probably be better than a people-intensive position (i.e. sales or customer service).

Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.

not many hire at 14...and even then they will likely take older applicants 1st. look up NJ work permit. it should list the restrictions. i never heard of a lifeguard under 16.
any reason self employment is not an option (child care, mowing lawns, dog walking for people on vacation)

are you comfortable with Uber or Lyft providing transportation.

I second lawn mowing, pet watching, etc.

This is probably not what you are looking for, but figured I'd mention them anyway: There are 'pay-for' camp-like options that prepare kids for later working positions,

e.g., Counselor in training:

Or work and play on a ranch out west

(it's sleepaway, and costs over $5k for a month - but I did this in my teens and learned how to hammer on a roof, and to train horses, and simultaneously had a great camp experience in an area that was totally new to me. They give $100 back to the camper at the end of the session as 'payment' for the work).

I think the Maplewood Pool may hire 14-year olds to work the patio. I'm pretty sure that lifeguard certification has a minimum age of 15 though.

Yellow-shirts need to be how old?

Yellow-shirts-in-training are rising 9th graders.

Yellow-shirts are rising 10th-12th graders

(i.e., Student assistant, which seems similar to counselors in training for the Adult School summer program held at SOMS June-July (4 weeks))

Applications due by Feb 28th.

Sounds like an option then for the ground level. (I should have known this as my son was, but thanks.)

there are also 'college for kids' programs for teens if there is anything he is interested in...although transportation may be an issue. I think Essex County mostly had classes in West Essex. Seton Hall may have a program

The Library hires young workers to help with summer Library programs.

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