Stray cat question

For the past year I've been giving a stray, maybe someone's cat as he (fixed) is more friendly than most strays, leftover cat food that my passed away cat hadn't eaten. He would come by every once in a while for a free meal. The past week right before the snow storm he kinda moved in and he actually seems kinda sick, not energetic and is skinnier than the past. Won't eat hard food anymore and seems to labor when chewing wet food. I let him stay in the basement storage on the really cold nite this week but he's got fleas. Would like to find some help is there a local shelter or habitat that might care for him?

Hi, your options depend on your location.  First for the fleas, which usually aren't too active this time of year, can be quickly eliminated with Capstar or Revolution. Both available at the vet. He sounds like he needs a vet visit anyway.

Depending on your town there may be excellent help from St. Hubert's if your town contracts with them.

Other towns may not have their own shelter available.

Either post here or PM me if you don't want to share information such as the location publicly.

Thank you, I'm in the M/SO area. I gave him a flea treatment this morning and he left the porch and has yet to be seen since. I don't think he was happy. I'd leave him be but his clingy behavior and thinness is concerning as he's normally been pretty healthy looking. I'll look into your suggestions. 

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