Stimulus check question

Retired senior citizen living on fixed income.  In 2018 they withdrew a one time large chunk of money, so for that one year, on paper, they had a large “income.”  They had an extension for 2019 taxes, so when the first round of stimulus checks came out they were disqualified based on their 2018 income.  They have since filed and paid their 2019 taxes, which would easily qualify them for the stimulus check. 

Looking at the IRS website it appears as though they can’t appeal now and receive the stimulus check now, they have to do it on their 2020 tax return.  Is this correct?  If they can appeal now and get the check I would tell them to, but not if it is going to be a waste of their time.

Also, since they have now filed their 2019 taxes will they qualify for the second stimulus check, or is it that once disqualified the computer writes them off completely and they have to appeal both on their tax return?

To add, I understand that as a senior citizen living on a fixed income their income was not affected by the coronavirus, but with the price of groceries skyrocketing they could use the help as much as anyone else, and it sucks if they’re going to have to wait until they file 2020 taxes to get the payments 

It's technically a 2020 tax credit given in advance, so it will be corrected at tax time. I do not believe she can claim it now.  However, she should enlist the help of her congressional representative to see if there are any exceptions.

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