Squirrel & Raccoon Proof bird feeders

Thought we had a thread on this subject previously, but couldn't find it.

At our new house, there are no trees close enough to hang bird feeders close enough, that we can see the birds.  So, I went to work on constructing something that would be both squirrel & raccoon proof.

The railing on our deck is about 8 feet above ground level, so I needed something about 11 feet tall, with 4 feeding stations (mixed seed, sunflower, thistle & suet cake), with enough distance from the deck that the squirrels can't jump across and a smooth post so raccoons can't climb up from the ground.  

The result it not a thing of beauty, but it works.  It has a swivel top, which I can turn towards the deck for refilling the feeders, and away from the deck so we do not scare the birds off.  Here are photos, and enough directions that anyone handy can DIY for their own.

Bird Feeders DIY.pdf

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