Something Rotten at CHS

I've heard great reviews and was very happy to get some tickets for Friday - there's still a handful of tickets left for the remaining dates:

I just drove past and there are two police cars outside…maybe the smell is affecting the students?

We went Saturday. Then we went to see the Paper Mill show (“Hercules”) on Sunday. 

One of these shows was a nonstop, energy-filled, entertainment extravaganza filled with stunning performances, great dancing and a ton of laughs. 

The other was a stage adaptation of a Disney movie. 

I went to the dress rehearsal performance on March 9th. The CHS All School Musical has become a must see event and Something Rotten was no exception.

Funny thing, but someone is putting on a production of Something Rotten in the Cleveland area this weekend.

eta: more than someone

It's also the Summit High musical this year. 

What a great play!  CHS did an incredible job!  The performances - the costumes - the set - the music - the lighting - the sound!  Wow!  

Seeing it tomorrow. Can't wait. I've been going to these since before my now nearly 31 year old son was in the school system or at least just about that time. It is the comparable to NY off-off Broadway quality. No sh

A friend cajoled me into going, because even though I love CHS musicals (and dramas, too!), it being unknown to me (yeah, no songs I could sing along to…) AND taking place in Shakespeare-era England did not appeal. I am so glad I saw it! The talent was off the charts. What a great show. 

My only wish is that parents of small children would research the shows a bit (wikipedia or similar) to decide whether or not they are good choices for their kids.  There wasn't anything truly inappropriate in this show and those items that were somewhat "suggestive" went right over their heads. But, like many others (think West Side Story, Legally Blonde, Sweeney Todd, etc.), it wasn't really a show geared to kids.  We LOVED the show, but we were surrounded by fidgety young children who obviously really didn't enjoy it or want to be there.  (And it wouldn't have been quite so hard to get tickets if so many seats hadn't been taken up by those bored children.)

We loved the show too. Generally, I'd say from year to year they go back and forth between kid appeal shows and musicals that might go over the heads of grade schoolers, The last few shows were Newsies, Matilda, Mary Poppins and Hairspray, so they were probably due for one that wasn't kid-oriented. 

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