SOMA's Inauguration of the Spirit of Goodwill

The Inauguration of the Spirit of Goodwill

Friday, January 20 12-2 PM,

Prospect Presbyterian Church, 646 Prospect Avenue, Maplewood NJ

This inauguration will take place at the same date and time as the Presidential Inauguration. Instead of a day of mourning, January 20, 2017 can be seen as a day of opportunity. It can be the Yin, to the Yang of the 2008 and 2012 inaugurations. There are always the seeds of light embedded in the darkness.

The event in DC will inaugurate one of the most challenging times our Nation's History. This inauguration will be a time to make or renew a commitment to expressing and fostering goodwill, unity, inclusion, social justice and an attitude of kindness and service. We will have speakers and representatives from Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Buddhist traditions on the topic of the expression and meaning of Goodwill from their particular faith. We will also have speakers from the groups most likely to suffer or be further marginalized in under the new administration, i.e., people of color, Muslims, immigrants, the LGBTQ community, and women. They will speak to how men and women of goodwill can act in solidarity to support them.

Please Join us!

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