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Does anyone have any idea when Infinite Monkey Comics is opening?

Thank you all for coming tonight.  Thanks to our hosts for having us over and for the delicious food and drink.  Our next book is Ghost World by Clowes on February 21st.  Then for March perhaps a book with the female Captain Marvel?

I was wondering about Infinite Monkey, too.

Ghost World Chat: February 21st at O’Reilly’s at 8 p.m. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Please join us tonight the 21st for Clowes and Ghost World.  O’Reilly’s at 8 p.m.

Hi! Hope Comic Book Chat went well.  I loved Ghost World!  And the movie.  Did you pick books for March and April?  Suggestions?

A Batman book seems desired.  Suggestions?  Preferably not one by an author we have read please.

This is a book group for all readers.  Please join us and try a book from new sections in your local libraries.  We read all genres: from memoirs to superheroes, science fiction to history, etc.  All countries’:  French, Spanish, and Japanese, etc. Come for one Book Chat or all.  We meet locally, out or at a home, and monthly if possible.  Welcome!

Please join us to discuss The Long Halloween.  We’ll meet at 8 p.m. on April 18th please.  Let’s chat about all things Batman.  Like the Batwoman stuff, too.

We have lovely hosts for our lively discussion of The Long Halloween on April 18th at 8 p.m.!  Please pm me for the address. Happy holidays!

Looking forward to next Wednesday the 18th to The Long Halloween.  Checked it out of Maplewood Library using Hoopla.  So tech-y.  I Kill Giants by Kelly for May, then I’m thinking Nimona by Stevenson in June.  Take a look at it.

Please rsvp for this Wednesday’s lively discussion. The Long Halloween at 8 p.m.  Message me for the address. We are also on Facebook.

Hope you’ll come to a lively discussion of all things Batman, especially The Long Halloween.

Thank you all for coming!  Thanks to our amazing hosts.  The next 3 books are I Kill Giants, Nimona, and 100 Bullets.

Please join us for a lively discussion of I Kill Giants on May 30th at 8 p.m.  Location tba.  All are welcome.

Looking forward to May 30th at 8 p.m. and discussing I Kill Giants.  Please join us for a lively evening.  Location TBA. Also posted on Facebook.

We’ll meet this Wednesday at 8 in The Snug in South Orange. Please join us.

Looks like we are rescheduling this month.  Please cancel tomorrow’s meeting.

We are rescheduling to June 20th. Please join us then if you’d like.

The book group is meeting on the 20th to discuss I Kill Giants at The Snug at 8 p.m.  Please join us for a lively discussion.

All are welcome on June 20th to discuss I Kill Giants and Nimona if you have read it.  We will meet at the Snug in South Orange at 8.

See you this Wednesday at the Snug!  Please let me know if you are coming.  Join us book read or not.

Thanks to all for coming to trivia night, oops, Book Group.  Next book is Nimona, then 100 Bullets, vol. 1.  All are welcome to come talk about comic books and graphic novels.  August 1st, save the date.  We have lovely volunteers to host!  Pm me for the address.

See you on August 1st for a lively discussion of Nimona. Have a great July!

Hi!  Hope your summer is going well.  We will meeting on August 1st at 8 p.m. at a lovely home in South Orange to discuss Nimona.  Please let me know your coming. PM for address. All adults welcome.

Please join us next Wednesday if you like book groups about comics, manga, etc.

See you tomorrow evening, still time to rsvp and get the address!

Thanks to our lovely hosts and their great poolside. Our next book discussion will be September 26th for 100 Bullets by Azzarello.  Have a happy August!

Save the date!  Sept. 26th at 8. Hope your summer has been a good one.

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