RIP Potito 'Pete' Carlucci of Pete's Haircutting

In Monday's Star Ledger, I just saw the obituary for Pete, who was a South Orange institution for many years (although I never knew him).  Sorry to pass along sad tidings.

Pete was my barber for over 20 years.  Always had stories to tell and while appearing to be tough on the outside, he had a good heart and was always willing to lend a helping hand.  

He will be missed.

Pete cut my husband's hair for thirty years and then my son's from his first haircut to when he was in his twenties, and moved away after college.  When he came back to visit, for the longest time, he'd make a point to visit Pete for a haircut.  He was an old-fashioned Italian barber who knew his trade well.  My husband even followed him to Moods in Hair when he moved there after his store on SO Ave closed.  (He'd been month to month for years.)  Right before the pandemic went onto lock down, he called to get an appointment and was told that Pete was sick and probably not coming back.  

Not to read too much in, but going to Pete was part of my husband's routine and even waiting with an impatient eight year old is a vivid memory and part of our memories. 

He will be missed.

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