Random landscapes

Your pics are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them. 

Where was the double cascading waterfall pic taken? 

Sweetsnuggles said:

Where was the double cascading waterfall pic taken? 

 Morris County, park off of Rt 15.  by Tripod Rocks.

dave said:

Kyoto, moss garden

 That's something I would enjoy seeing.

Sunrise Nantucket Island.

dano said:

Sunrise Nantucket Island.


since I’m retired, I don’t plan to get any sunrise pictures anytime soon.

I love the ones where you’ve incorporated just a tiny part of a bridge into them. But all of the photos are Just gorgeous!

Undisclosed ME locale.

Two more from St Michaels. —- it was an orphanage until the 1950’s

While not quite a landscape, the Golden Hour” was really golden in Penna today

I got off 78 to pursue any opportunity to use the light.

This is what I got before sunset.

Great picture - you’re right, REALLY golden!

Musconetcong Range beyond field of soy beans. Hunterdon County.

the barn was built in 1865

Sunday morning sidewalk Sunshine

The clouds have been unusually interesting lately. 

Merrill Creek Reservoir.

beautiful, but loaded with Lantern flies

Color on the trail.
not so much of a landscape, but first major fall color of the year.

lots of color along rt 78

1st two cape May back waterways 

2nd two storm king

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