Puppy Videos!

Seems like we need a little a little levity between the snow, covid and politics threads:

Does anyone else follow Billi, the talking kitty? She uses speech buttons. This clip is a couple of weeks old, when a replacement toy delivery is late.

And taking down the Christmas tree (sorry about the ad at the start)

There’s also Tico, a gorgeous musical Amazonian parrot that improvises to live music.

You may need a VPN (ahem) to watch this series when it airs in Australia from the 23rd of January.

The episodes may appear publicly after they air on the Australian ABC network.

(Keep an eye on the ABC Australia YouTube channel - https://www.youtube.com/c/abcaustralia/videos  )

The new series is called  Muster Dogs

drummerboy said:

I kinda had a no bones day today.

Not staged at all. We sure do miss him. Rats. Can't load a video. 

So, if I put a video on my Jamie Space and then linked to it from here would it play?

You can only embed youtube and vimeo videos - so upload it there first if possible.

I haven't gotten around to building a video streaming platform yet.

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