Power failure in West Montrose

The Power is out on Meeker St and Clark St (I think). 

Anyone else? 

Gotta text from PSEG estimate 11:15 restoration time. Funny how it went out as the train went by

There are 2 big repair trucks on Meeker now. 

I can see lights on Mountain House Rd and on Vose, so it seems pretty localized. 

And...the power just came back on. Let’s see if we get to keep it for a while. 

Yeah. This is tiresome, but typical. 

And it’s back on. For a while, anyway. 

I talked to a guy in a PSEG truck on Mountain House Rd. about 15 min ago. The diesel engine was damn loud but I think he said they’d had us on a backup line while working on repairs and that they should have us up and running soon. 

Maybe. We’ll see...

Yeah we will see, one of the last times this happened I was speaking to one of the work men and he said it’s a N.J. Transit issue. Something about the transformer being close to their wires. So who knows. We were wondering if it might anything to do with a lot of people working at home. 

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