Another sunset from Hudson Yards 

Some preparatory work after reading this post -

I was thinking I could string up some celery, call it something arty like 'Thanks a bunch', and flog it to that gallery in Miami.   I'm sure I could earn at least a year's salary for my efforts...

Playing with the Prisma app. Some nice effects.

From new neighbor, Andy Black, also formerly of Maplewood on our current Ice Splendor!


I left my Prius in the downward-facing dog position and they towed it away...

ml1 said:


 Excellent. Where is it?

I was asked what I was growing on my deck ... that's curly-leaf parsley in the front, with basil - which is beginning to bolt - behind.  A couple of pots of self-seeded marigold on the right.

It's probably all due for a bit of a prune and a clean up, but that can wait...

(Edited to add:  the photo was taken a week ago.)

A fave subject is flowers.  Whether walking about or at occasional shows.

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Why do I have so many damn many problems loading pix to this site?  Maybe some directions somewhere would be helpful.

Mothers in Poland leave strollers at the border train station for refugee mothers who don’t have one.

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