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Thank you!  She seems to be hiding out around the golf course.  She was spotted by Berkley Road in Millburn this evening, then some people saw her running toward the golf course.  We went looking in the golf course, but didn't see her.  If anyone sees her, please do not chase her.  Betty is extremely shy.  If you can, keep her in view and call 908-420-0823,  

If she has been seen on/near the golf course, consider notifying the grounds maintenance staff there.  They may be able to help.

Appreciate all tips!  A groundskeeper spotted her on the golf course yesterday morning and got in touch.   St. Hubert's has also stepped up to help in the search. 

UPDATE:  Betty was spotted this morning, 7/8, on Parsonage Rd, near East Orange Golf Course, down from Gero Park in Short Hills.

In addition to not chasing Betty, please do not call her. Hearing her name called is yet another scary experience for a dog who is frightened of people. PLEASE CALL (908) 420-0823 to report sightings. Thank you!

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